To remain accountable to my constituents and the people of North Dakota, I will NOT participate in the common practice of accepting campaign contributions from Political Action Committees (PACS) or lobbyists. This makes your individual contribution more important than ever!  


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Merrill Piepkorn Campaign

Tracy Walvatne, Treasurer

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Fargo, ND 58102


As your State Senator from north Fargo’s District 44 I pledge to: 

  • Work to not just maintain but to improve the safety and family-friendly environment of our neighborhood and make it a great place for all to live.
  • Fight for strong K-12 public education as well as a healthy higher-education system.
  • Work to invest in our state’s infrastructure while keeping property taxes in check.
  • Advocate for increased transparency in state government, helping ensure it is accountable and working for you, the citizens of our great state.

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